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Classic thrown-together-leftover pizza. The result was decent but I still need a better pizza dough recipe (paging Jonny) and a proper pizza stone would be a plus.

I had some leftover grilled veges from the night before ready to go.

So I made the dough and whipped up a sauce out of fresh orange tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, fresh oregano, and a few chili flakes. Once the sauce was on, I sprinkled sliced garlic and fennel seeds.

We wanted 2 very different things so the left half was topped with grilled veges, sliced onions, black olives and fake cheese while my half was topped with olives and zucchini bacon.

After baking in a very hot oven for 20 minutes, fresh basil leaves were added to the left half. The right half was topped with lots of wild arugula and drizzled with olive oil. We were in a rush to dig in, the final photo didn’t quite happen but you get the idea…

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I use to really love cheese. I’m talking about seasonal, unpasteurized, ripe and pungent, 50%+ milk fat, eat with a spoon AOC cheese, not the melted plastic gunk standard on slices and nachos. I’ve tried pretty much every vegan imitation out there and they all suck. At least that’s what I thought until I tasted  Dr Cow raw organic nut cheeses about a year ago and became an instant fan.

Their cheeses are aged in a similar way as real cheese and made with nothing but nuts, water, probiotics and salt.  It’s unctuous and buttery tasting with a nice acidity reminiscent of a young chèvre and when it ages it acquires a bit of sharpness. Like all artisan cheese it is produced in small quantity making it a bit pricey. Getting your hands on it can be quite tricky even here in Brooklyn where it is made.

Dr Cow cheeseA sampling of Dr Cow nut cheeses

In the same order as the above photo:

Aged Macadamia
$12  /  73 gr
Nice acidity, mildly tannic, macadamia flavour is very present, mild, long after taste. Thicker almost sticky mouth feel. Texture is like a softer hard cheese, a little grainy.

Aged Cashew &Brazil nuts
$8.50  / 70 gr

Lower acidity, mildly tannic, stronger nut flavours and less cheesy then others. Seemed to be too young. Short after taste. Texture is rich and slightly grainy.

Aged Cashew & hemp seeds
$8.50 /  70 gr

Nice acidity, mild (I was looking forward to the advertised sharpness but none here today), creamy with mild bitterness from hemp seeds. Mid length after taste.

Aged Cashew & herbs
$8.50 / 70 gr
As above with a strong herb taste, oregano dominates. Would be nice on pizza or in a Greek salad.

Aged Cashew
$8.50 / 70 g

Nice acidity, mild and rounder nut taste, mid length aftertaste. Nice body. Firm but creamy texture.

I’ve had this particular nut cheese several times before.  I prefer it much older when it is firmer, the lactic taste is better developed and it has acquired a nice sharpness.

Today all these cheeses were very mild (the flavours of the sourdough bread overpowered them at times) and appeared to be a little too young compare to other batches I’ve add.  I prefer them older and would give them all at least 3-4 weeks more aging time.

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