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Good morning!

whole wheat + rye homemade no-knead bread

I’d been moaning that my neighbourhood is lacking a proper bakery ever since I moved to the area… Then I decided to solve that problem, if only for myself.

With the no-knead method described in my previous post, I have fresh-baked bread every morning in about 5 mins of work per day. Considerably less time and effort then tracking down decent bread.

If  you think making bread is time-consuming and hard, think again. This recipe is kitchen-challenged-busy-body friendly. Give it a try and see for yourself.

A note: If you are making whole wheat bread, make sure to add about 20% gluten flour to your mix or it won’t rise properly.

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Are you baking your own bread yet? If not, you’re all out of excuses. This method requires a big 5 minutes of your time and is pretty much fool-proof. Try it right now.

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